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Welcome to Oh Boy, Bok Choy!

Oh Boy, Bok Choy! Is a South-East Asian Kitchen, Dining Room & Bar highlighting fresh local produce and our favourite flavour incarnations of our neighbours in Vietnam, China, Malaysia & Thailand.  We love that these foods best suit our Queensland climate and represent the food of our happy times; vacations, breaks, weekends and celebrations.


264 Stafford Road, Stafford
07 3357 7408
Monday through Thursday: 5pm - late 
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 12pm - late
Happy Hour: 2:30pm-4:30pm

We are fully licensed.
*kitchen closes at 9pm daily


The Farmhouse Group is a small collection of family-owned venues. We hand-pick unique individuals who like us, love to exceed expectations and create memorable experiences for everyone with whom we connect (whether it’s working together or looking after guests).


Our current food & beverage venues are on Brisbane’s Northside. 

 If you are interested in joining a different kind of venue on a casual basis (whilst you study), on a part-time basis (next to your side hustle) or full time (as a career move) then please apply. 

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